Current Openings

Professional Domestic Employees

The reason that I love what I do is that I've had the privilege to meet many wonderful domestic staff from all walks of life, countries and cultures. There are many talented, qualified people out there looking for their next career position. Recruiting, sorting through phone calls, screening, reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates is a full-time job. Our clients are looking for honest, referenced, well-intentioned people whose objective is to serve and make a positive contribution to the family that they are working for.

What You Need to Qualify as a Candidate for a Position

  • 3-5 years of verifiable experience in the specific job you are applying for
  • Command of the English language
  • Be legal to work in the country
  • Be honest, pleasant, agreeable and helpful
  • A current resume
  • Letters of reference

If you meet the above requirements, then we would welcome your fabulous resume and your photograph. There is no fee to the employee.

Send your resume and photo to: