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Hiring Domestic Staff

How We Work

Absolutely Fabulous Domestics, a licensed employment agency, can help you with any and all of your domestic staffing needs. We assist you in compiling your "wish list" in terms of days, hours, chores, duties, specific skill sets, and special requests. Then we start with this criteria to narrow down viable candidates.

The Qualified Candidate

Each of our candidates must:
  • be legal to work in the country,
  • have command of the English language,
  • have verifiable references, and
  • have had a personal interview with me, shaken my hand and looked me in the eye.
I require candidates to sign releases allowing us to:
  • check their references,
  • obtain their driving record,
  • review their credit history, and
  • conduct a criminal background search.
Beyond that, you as a potential employer are encouraged to do whatever additional research you need to do in order to feel completely comfortable with hiring an employee. I don't think we can be too careful. My basic rule of thumb is that if I wouldn't send this person to work for my mother, I won't send them to you.

Wouldn't it be lovely if I had the perfect candidate at the ready, and many times we do. Or, we may have to conduct a search specifically for your position, which can take some time. Timing is sometimes everything.

Available Staff

Here is a list of the different positions we have filled in the past.

Baby Nurse     Nanny     Butler     Bodyguard     Houseman
  Caretaker     Gardener     Chauffeur / Driver     Chef / Cook 
Certified Nursing Aide     Maid     Companion     Day-worker 
Domestic Couple     Estate / Household Manager     Major Domo 
Personal Assistant     Housekeeper, live-in or out     Laundress
Whatever You Can Dream