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Congratulations on finding the licensed domestic placement agency committed to working with both employers and employees to achieve one common goal. That goal has been to do the right thing for everyone involved. Although our loyalty must always be to the client, I'm also an advocate for the help. My joy comes from making everybody happy. Not easy, but never impossible!

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to work with you and your family in securing an absolutely fabulous domestic or an absolutely fabulous position. We can help! The concept in opening the agency 19 years ago was to put nice people on nice jobs. We've done a lot of that.

Although we are located in the middle of Palm Beach County, FL, we place people from Key West to Kennebunkport and all points west. You need a couple in Aspen, a butler in Texas or a chef in the Hamptons, presenting a candidate to you for any location would not present a problem.

After being in the domestic industry for the past 33 years, 11 years as a butler, five years running a large agency in Chicago and 19 years owning this agency, I can reassure you that what sets us apart from other agencies is listening to a family's needs when they are hiring staff, listening to the applicant's needs when they are searching for work and making a match between them. I can talk the talk because I've walked the walk.

We do have 5,260 people in the database after receiving 23,120 potential applicants over the years. I really do believe in the Cinderella principle: either the shoe fits or it doesn't, and making the match for both the client and the employee has always been the objective.

Honesty, confidentiality and discretion, as well as being pleasant, agreeable and helpful are the criteria our agency has lived by for the past 19 years. The results are an 80 percent repeat-and-referral business and never a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. We strive to build relationships with clients and staff alike.

To hear more, please feel free to contact me anytime on our phone 561-842-6262. Let's talk!

My pleasure,
Gary Armstrong,