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A Note from Gary

I’d like to thank everyone who has applied for a position with this agency. What an absolutely fabulous group of people. I have had an epiphany. I realized that many positions that we have FILLED never appeared on this Current Openings page. Because we were so busy filling them, we didn’t have time to post them. This is due to the depth of talent that has been presented to us through your resumes. We didn’t really need to advertise the positions because we already had the candidates to fill them. So, get into the database. I encourage any professional domestic, regardless of whether you see the position you’re looking for, to apply with our agency. Wouldn’t I be clever if I knew what the next position available might be?

Part-time Housekeeper/Mother’s Helper, Juno Beach, FL

This very active young family with four children under the age of eight is looking for a part-time housekeeper to help their full-time housekeeper to maintain their 3,500-square-foot lovely home, but also to help out with the children during the afternoons after school and early evenings. Three to four days a week starting midday and helping with a simple dinner. Five years executive housekeeping experience is necessary, including fine laundry skills. This very sweet hands-on mom is looking for that special person to keep her home immaculate and her children safe. Position available immediately. Salary commensurate with experience.

Seasonal Executive Housekeeper/Laundress, Palm Beach, FL

This very active family is looking for a seasonal housekeeper/laundress to assist their permanent staff from December through May. Must have excellent organizational skills. Must be familiar with fine linens, laundry, ironing, steaming, and sewing. Must assist the family with packing and unpacking. Must maintain the highest level of cleanliness within this 16,000 square-foot estate, from the top-floor master suite and bathrooms to the guest suites to the loggia and laundry room. This person also must be able to assist the chef in the kitchen, set the table, help serve at dinner parties, and wash dishes. Must be flexible. The schedule could be six days per week and will, at times, include weekends and evenings. Excellent experience in an estate home required. Verifiable references necessary. Salary commensurate with experience.

Live-in Companion, Buffalo, NY and Melbourne, FL

We are currently looking for a live-in companion/CNA with many years experience with Alzheimer's patients or individuals with memory issues. This opportunity, with an elderly lady who has been recently widowed, is located in her main residence in a south-east suburb of Buffalo, NY. Duties would include breakfast, bright and early, light house-keeping, laundry, lunch, and dinner prep. The Principle lives on the first floor of her two-story, 3,000 square foot home, so private accommodations are available on the second floor for the Live-In Companion. The Principle is very self-sufficient, bathes and dresses herself, but the family is being pro-active regarding her safety. This person would also accompany Mrs. to her doctors' appointments, shopping, additional social commitments and traveling to her condominium in Melbourne, FL throughout the winter months. This lady's children and grandchildren are a very large part of her in her day-to-day life. Patience, kindness and compassion will be key to a successful and rewarding experience. Verifiable references is required. Salary commensurate with experience.

Executive Housekeeper/Laundress (Large Estate), Palm Beach, FL

We are currently interviewing for a live-out executive housekeeper laundress, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm, for a mature couple. This is a year-round position as a second housekeeper in this 20,000 square-foot estate home. The successful candidate must work well as a team member and be able to assist the head housekeeper with washing all household laundry and linen, ironing and steaming fine silks and linens, and pressing sheets, tablecloths, and napkins. Must have excellent organizational skills. Duties also include full housekeeping, including vacuuming, mopping, floor care, dusting, and experience with antique furniture. Must have 5 years estate home experience with verifiable references. Full medical benefits and retirement package available.

Live-in Refined Companion (with Travel), Philadelphia and Jupiter, FL

I am interviewing for a fourth member to be part of a very competent caregiving team that provides compassionate assistance to an 80-year-old gentleman with his routine personal health care. The successful candidate will be working as a team player with a holistic view and attitude to maximize Mr.’s ongoing recovery. He is very alert and continues to be active. All staff are physically able to transfer Mr. to bed, toilet, shower, chair, and wheelchair. Staff must also be dependable, flexible, respectful, and commit to excellence in all aspects in the position. The staff winters with the family in Jupiter and then travels to the family home outside of Philadelphia, from where there will be additional summer vacation traveling. Must have a valid passport for international, private travel. Must provide companionship, stimulating conversation, engaging activities, play cards and dominoes, and read plenty of magazines and newspaper with Mr. on an iPad. Must be able to prepare occasional simple, healthy meals on the chef’s days off. Maintain records of care provided, Mr.’s current condition, or any concerns. Report to the care manager and share with oncoming staff member at shift change. Salary negotiable with full health benefits, 401(k) plan, and a very flexible schedule. Must be presentable and professional with excellent people skills and at least 5 years’ experience as a personal caregiver with verifiable references.

Executive Housekeeper/Laundress, Palm Beach, FL

We are currently interviewing for a live-out executive housekeeper laundress, Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm. The mature couple is only in residence for six months during the season. This 7,000 sq ft home is busy during the season when the family (children and grandchildren) visit, and there could be the occasional holiday and/or weekend. This does not happen often. The schedule is less demanding during the off-season months, and we are willing to discuss this to find the right person. Excellent housekeeping and laundry skills necessary with references. Salary commensurate with experience.

Domestic Couple, Live-in, Palm Beach, FL

This mature couple is looking for an experienced Domestic Couple. This large Estate has other Housekeeping staff, a Personal Assistant, etc. The primary duties would be the lady as the household chef/cook. Menu planning and knowledge about healthy eating, while preparing a lite breakfast, lunch and dinner for the couple five days/week, and cooking when family is visiting and the occasional dinner parties. Marketing and attending to the cleanliness of the downstairs kitchen, dining, and pantry area are primary duties.  The gentleman would assume general Butler duties. Answering phones, valet to and from the airport, driving Mr. and Mrs. to their various appointments, vehicle care and maintenance appointments, table setting and serving, pantry organization, silver polishing, and assisting with some of the heavy household cleaning. Maintaining Misters wardrobe, and packing for travel necessary.  Travel with the family to New York for the summer months is required. Impeccable references necessary. Excellent Salary and benefits for a first class professional couple.

Live in, Traveling - Housekeeper/Laundress,
Palm Beach, Jersey Shore

This very active, kind, semi-retired couple and their small doggie, is looking for a professional Housekeeper/Laundress, able to take care of them and both homes, approximately 10,000.sq ft. each, here in Palm Beach during the season, and end of May thru October at their New Jersey Beach Home. There is additional help at each property, but this person would be in full charge of interior cleaning, Master Bedroom, Master Baths, closets, dressing rooms, as well as the main living areas. Laundry is very important, as well as the ability to help pack for trips, as they travel quite frequently. Cooking is not necessary, but running errands, shopping, and the occasional helping at a party is required. Tender loving care of their dog is essential. Salary commensurate with experience, as well as a full health benefits package.

Live in Traveling - Housekeeper/Cook/Personal Assistant,
Jupiter/ DC

This very active retired professional woman is looking for a very high quality, cheerful, Housekeeper/Cook/ Laundress/Personal Assistant. Generally speaking, this is a Live-in Monday-Friday position, with weekends free, but she needs someone who is flexible to her busy schedule. Mrs. is alone, no pets, and still golfs, and keeps a very busy social calendar. Someone with some Mac experience would also be very helpful. Previous Live-in experience preferred. Salary based on previous salary.

Nanny, Full time, Jupiter, FL

This very active family of six is looking for a fun, experienced childcare professional who would like to grow with their family. The children range in age from 8 to newborn, and so this very hands on, at home mom needs another sets of eyes and hands. Hours may vary, but they are thinking someone Monday-Friday, from 11am to 7 pm might work out well. After school activities and dinner hour can be a bit hectic. Someone who could be flexible for some additional evening babysitting, and some family vacations would have first consideration. Must have five years, recent childcare experience, be CPR certified, and able to swim. Salary based on experience.

Part-time Housekeeper/Laundress, Jupiter, FL

This large home is looking for a three day/week Housekeeper/ Laundress, to help assist the full time Housekeeper. Must maintain the highest level of cleanliness in an efficient and meticulous manner. Excellent references necessary. Salary commensurate with experience.

Part-Time Laundress/Babysitter, Boca Raton, FL

This young professional couple is seeking an experienced laundress to assist the full-time housekeeper a couple of days a week with laundry and ironing duties. There will be additional afternoon and evening hours watching pre-teen children as needed. Verifiable references and five years similar experience necessary.

Weekend Laundress/Housekeeper, Miami Beach, FL

This mature family is looking for a very experienced housekeeper/laundress to work Thursday-Monday from 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Must be flexible to work over-time. Available to travel to other home occasionally. Must be able to work independently and as part of the team providing support to other staff as needed. Must be proficient and capable of using commercial laundry equipment and rotary irons (e.g. Rowenta Steam Iron, Jiffy Steamer, pant press, etc.). Must understand and apply the proper care and storage of fabrics (e.g. linen, silk, leather, suede, wool, fur, blends, etc.). Must be highly knowledgeable and experienced as a professional housekeeper. Schedule is full-time, Thursday-Monday, 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. with flexibility to work holidays or events if needed. This position requires a strong background in service, ability to assist the Chef, set the table, help serve when needed, wash dishes, detail clean and mop the floor at the end of the evening. Care and kindness to the family's cat and dog is expected. Excellent verifiable references required. Salary commensurate with experience. Health benefit contribution and paid vacation.

Live-In Nanny, Tampa, FL

This very busy young family is in need of an experienced, hands-on and energetic Nanny for their two toddlers and two grandchildren. Starting time will be early, 6:30 a.m. Duties include getting the children ready for school, preparing breakfast, driving to and from school, overseeing play dates, homework supervision, etc. Additional duties include the children's laundry, cleaning and organization of the children's bedrooms and play areas. Care-taking of the children when they are not in school and helping to oversee the children while the family is on vacation. A passport is required or the ability to obtain one. Must have a valid driver's license. Previous live-in Nanny experience and verifiable references required. Competitive salary along with medical, dental, vision and a 401K plan is available to qualified candidate. Living accommodations are separate from the family.

Executive Housekeeper/Personal Assistant, Middleburg, VA (Live-In)

This mature, active couple is looking for a live-in executive housekeeper/personal assistant with excellent live-in estate experience to take care of their main home year-round, one of three of their residences. This 10,000 square foot estate is situated in a 100-acre-plus horse farm. The successful candidate must be secure with living in the country and have the necessary skills to take care of comfortable, luxury surroundings. Occasional travel to other homes possible, and the principals only spend about four months a year at this home. This organized individual is computer-literate, able to care for all aspects in an estate home, as well as able to prepare a simple meal or even help with the preparation of it. Salary commensurate with experience.

Executive Housekeeper, Jupiter, FL

This busy family of four is looking for a full-time executive housekeeper with delicate cleaning skills to care for their museum-quality home and furnishings Tuesdays and Thursdays year-round. All surface areas of the home would be cleaned each week during the two days. Attention given to principal’s master bedroom, changing their bed linens, and detail in the upstairs suite. Duties would include cleaning all marble floors, changing air-conditioning filters, and bringing the garbage and recyclables to the curb. Five-plus years of experience in an estate home required. Top salary for this professional.

Live-In Couple, Main Line Estate, PA

This mature, professional couple is looking for a husband and wife team who can manage their 10,000 square feet country estate and guest home in graciously maintained grounds. This year-round position includes all cleaning, directing other domestic staff, formal serving of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, overseeing the daily activities of the house, receiving/serving guests at parties, and packing and unpacking for the principals as they frequently come and go. The principals are gone six months out of the year. Healthy cooking and shopping on chef’s days off. This couple must pay attention to detail and be comfortable in a high-profile, high-end environment. The gentleman, aside from serving, must be able to assist the driver in driving and automobile care. Outside maintenance, overseeing the outside grounds, snow removal, repair and maintenance of machinery, and helping with the heavy housekeeping important. Couple must be familiar with a high-tech house and its corresponding electronics. Couple will also be responsible for interviewing and supervising all contractors/subcontractors. Experience with an extensive wine cellar and its inventory/ordering helpful. Looking for a domestic couple who are not strangers to long days and hard work. Top salary and benefits available. Must like pets. Previous estate management experience required.

Seasonal Housekeeper/Cook, Palm Beach, FL

We are looking for a highly skilled housekeeper, Monday -Friday, 9:30-4:30, with some occasional additional hours, from the end of October thru mid May for out new, formal home in Palm Beach. You may either travel with this mature couple to California for the summer months and work full time there, or be willing to check on the house a couple times a week in the summer if you stay in Florida. Cleaning and maintaining all chores that a two story household requires; laundry, ironing, packing and eventually preparing 2-3 well executed simple meals or meal preparation. Must be physically able to climb a ladder to reach out of the way areas and some French doors. Must have 10 years experience with impeccable references.

Live-in Housekeeper/Cook, Palm Beach, FL

A mature couple is looking for a live-in or live-out housekeeper/cook. Each year, this couple arrives in Palm Beach in November and stays through May. The apartment is large and perfectly appointed. Knowledge of proper care of antiques, crystal chandeliers, and fine linen is essential. Meals are not gourmet, but healthy family style cooking with the ability to follow a recipe, set the table, arrange flowers, and serve is expected. This could be a seasonal position, but the ideal candidate would travel to the family’s large country home in Connecticut and work for them forever. Housekeeping/cooking experience and references necessary. Salary commensurate with salary history and experience.

Live-in Housekeeper/ Nanny, Wellington

This young family of five is looking for a live-in  Housekeeper for their Wellington home.  75% of this position includes  housekeeping, laundry and simple family cooking.  They would also like this person to be able to baby sit for the children from time to time.  This is a year round position,  five-day work week April through December, and six days a week, January through April. Mom is a very hands on mother and is needing someone to help her with breakfast and dressing the children in the morning and getting everyone out the door for school, and help with dinner and bedtime.  There would be free time in the middle of the day.   This family is very organized, and realistic about "a day in the life." The children have elementary Spanish, and they would love to have someone help them continue to learn.  Previous  Live-in experience necessary.   Salary commensurate with salary history and experience.

Gardener, Palm Beach

Live out year-round in Palm Beach. Degree in horticulture, management, and tropical plants. Salary commensurate with salary history and experience.

Landscaper, Jupiter Island

Position for single live-in gardener on Jupiter Island. Spanish-speaking helpful.

Nanny, Palm Beach Gardens

Looking for a child-care professional with excellent references to watch two children, ages 5 and 3. After-school pickup and playtime. Monday-Friday, 3-6 PM. Hours negotiable. Salary commensurate with salary history and experience.

Live-in Household Manager/Social Secretary.  Philadelphia suburbs and Jupiter, FL (FILLED)

This retired family is looking for a social secretary/household manager to assist the employers with such tasks as scheduling personal appointments and household vendors for multiple homes and assisting with management of other properties. This person must have accounting experience and be tech savvy. Must also have excellent organizational, communications, and computer skills. Must be flexible to travel domestically and internationally. Must be able to assist the principles with errands as needed, schedule doctor and personal appointments, schedule and organize parties from start to finish. Invitations, guest lists, caterers, flowers, family cards and gifts, thank you notes, would be some priorities. Strong follow up and follow through with attention to detail necessary. Must be someone who can respond to house issues and emergencies, such as water leaks or security alarms, as well as coordinate home improvements, contractor work and outside vendors. This person would work closely with home office to ensure relevant bills and invoices are paid. This person would be a liaison between the principles and the staff, and coordinate employees' rental cars, planes and travel schedules and housing as needed. Must have 5+ years experience as a social secretary, or household manager. Must be professional with excellent people/verbal skills. Salary and full benefits package available to successful, seasoned professional.

Bookkeeper / Office Administrator, Palm Beach, FL (FILLED)

This diverse position with responsibilities for Bookkeeping as well as administrative support is in a small private office. Responsibilities include but are not limited to Accounts Payable, Bank Account reconciliation, processing biweekly payroll, maintain personal calendar, quarter expense reporting, annual review of insurance policies and employee benefits. Must be proficient in Quick Books, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Dictation, shorthand or speed writing, or other method a must. Benefits package includes insurance coverage, paid vacation. Salary commensurate with experience.

Chauffeur/Driver/Houseman, Tampa/Clearwater, FL (FILLED)

This very busy corporate executive is looking for a live out, full time Driver/Houseman to drive him to and from the private airport to his home or office, and be able to pick up other corporate executives flying in and get them set up in their hotels or houses. Preparation of the accommodations for corporate executives coming in for meetings, as well as overseeing maintenance and subcontractors at the principle's home. Front of House butler duties and proper etiquette necessary. Experience as a driver/ Houseman/ butler essential. Salary commensurate with experience. Full benefits package available.

Housekeeper/House Manager, Delray Beach, FL (FILLED)

This very active executive couple is looking for a very experienced house manager/ housekeeper to maintain their new 7000 sq. ft. home to be completed soon in Delray. They are looking for someone to manage all aspects of their home, as they travel more than half of the time, and need help in maintain the every day details of a busy executive lifestyle. Cleaning, laundry, excellent time management, punctuality, multi-tasking and attention to detail are some of the skill set necessary. The home is very easy to maintain, but they will use every square inch of it. Being able to set up additional staff for meetings, parties, dinners, necessary. Must be very tech savvy and be able to maintain confidentiality. Impeccable verifiable recent references and experience in a similar home necessary. Excellent compensation package for the right individual.

Live-in Year Round Domestic Couple, Palm Beach, FL (FILLED)

Newly retired couple is looking for a professional domestic husband and wife team to care for them during the winter "season" in their Palm Beach home. The team should have excellent culinary skills, be proficient at laundry and handling of fine linens and able to work with beautiful China, crystal and silver. They should love our grown children when they visit and our dogs when we are in residence. For the gentleman; excellent chauffer and butler experience. Proper table setting and silver service knowledge necessary. The successful couple would maintain this 10,000 S.F. home at the highest level of cleanliness in an efficient and meticulous manner. Must be "on the page" with computers, smart home technologies and audio visual equipment. Knowledge of the Palm Beach area and its shops helpful. Five years previous live-in experience required. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

Housekeeper/House manager, Boca Raton, FL (FILLED)

This very active, seasonal family with teenagers, a cat, a dog, hamsters, is looking for a full time House Manager/Housekeeper to take care of their 8000 sq. ft. home in Boca. Generally speaking, this is a Monday - Friday position, although there would be some pet care over the weekends when the family is away. They are looking for a polished professional who is flexible, self motivated, and experienced in managing the operations of a household, from vendors to tech savvy with smart home technology, and exercise discretion and privacy of the family and its guests. We would like this person to be responsible for the daily graces of detailing the bedrooms, the bathrooms, laundry, as well as caring for the main living areas the family uses. We need someone who can grocery shop, and run personal household errands for cleaning supplies to pet supplies, as well as maintain veterinary visits, and groomers appointments. Additional cleaning staff for the heavy cleaning is available. Someone with experience with children is desirable, and someone who could prepare a simple meals for the children occasionally would be great. Excellent verifiable references necessary. Salary commensurate with experience. Traveling Housekeeper, Palm Beach/ Massachusetts (FILLED) This mature couple is looking for a professional housekeeper/laundress to add to their staff here in Palm Beach, and then travel with them for four months to Massachusetts. This is a five day a week position, and we would like this person to work on the weekends and take their two days off during the week. Excellent housekeeping and organization skills with knowledge for the care of fine finishes, fabrics, antiques, fine art and furniture. The employer provides excellent medical, and dental benefits, along with a 401K and full retirement package. Excellent verifiable references and 6 years related housekeeping experience necessary.

Attendant/Driver, Palm Beach/NY (FILLED)

We are currently looking for a full-time attendant for a healthy and still active elderly gentleman, seasonally in Palm Beach, FL for the winter and four months in New York for the summer. This can be a live-out position in Florida and a live-in position in New York. Duties would include helping the client with his physical therapy, exercise in the pool, driving him to the office and other appointments and ensuring his general safety when walking. Although a medical or physical therapy background is not necessary, it could be helpful. Previous caretaker references necessary. Salary commensurate with previous employment.

Live-in Housekeeper/Cook, Vero Beach, FL (FILLED)

This mature couple is looking for an Experienced Housekeeper/ Cook to live on premise 12 months a year, even when they are away in the summer and take care of the day to day housekeeping duties. This is a 10,000 sq. ft. home, in which they bring in additional cleaning crews to do the heavier cleaning. Cooking a light breakfast, simple lunch and a healthy dinner is the culinary requirement. There is not a lot of entertaining in the home, and so shopping and cooking for two would be the norm. This successful candidate would have excellent experience in laundry, ironing, steaming, bed linens, etc. This family's current Housekeeper of many years is retiring, and we are looking for someone to make a serious commitment to this position as well. Salary commensurate with experience. Live in experience and references necessary.

Seasonal Live-in Housekeeper/ Cook, Palm Beach, FL (FILLED)

This mature couple, who reside in Florida for 6 months, is looking for a Live-in Housekeeper/Cook, who would be available for them each year, from November to June. This large home does have additional staff that comes in to assist, but the primary duties include shopping for and preparing breakfast, some lunches, and dinners, five days per week, as well as Daily Household cleaning duties, the master bedroom, bathrooms, and detailed cleaning and organization in all areas of the house. Live-in experience and verifiable references.

Companion, Ocean Ridge, FL/Chicago (FILLED)

A rewarding challenge for the right person! We are currently interviewing for a companion with extensive experience, for a 79-year old woman with advanced Alzheimer's. This is a 5-day, live-out position during the season in Ocean Ridge, with flexibility to her husband's schedule. Must be available to travel with the couple from May through October, (Chicago, California, Europe). Duties include simple breakfast prep, assisting with bathing/dressing, accompanying her on her morning walks, going to lunch, driving to doctors' appointments, shopping and providing a safe and calm home environment. Verifiable references with an Alzheimer's patients mandatory. Salary commensurate with experience.

Companion, Palm Beach, FL (FILLED)

We have a very capable, 90 year old lady, who has nursing help in the mornings and through the night. We are looking for a companion for her. Ideally, we'd like someone who is a Certified Nursing Aide, with excellent experience with the elderly, to assist her Monday - Friday, occasional Saturdays, from 1pm until 8pm. This person would help her with her walker, to and from her vehicle. We are looking for someone to drive her to doctor visits, and take notes from each doctors appointment. Her grown children are very involved. We'd also like someone who can accompany her to lunch, help her with shopping, and join her for dinner. We'd like someone who can provide stimulating conversation, can play cards, enjoy art exhibits, and have fun with. Must have verifiable references working as a companion/caregiver.

Housekeeper/Cook, Jupiter, FL (Live-In) (FILLED)

This young, executive couple is looking for a year-round, live-in housekeeper with better-than-average cooking skills to take care of their 12,000-square-foot home and them when they are in residence. Typically, they would be in and out from October to April a few weeks at a time. They need a bright, energetic, executive housekeeper to handle all aspects of cleaning an estate home, including provisioning of the home, personal shopping, grocery shopping, and preparing simple, healthy family meals for the family when they are here. Must love dogs. Five years live-in experience required unless you have impeccable housekeeping references and would like to live-in at this stage of your life. Two grown children and additional family may visit during holidays, so some holiday work is required.

Housekeeper/Nanny, Miami Beach, FL (FILLED)

This young couple with a two-year-old and a four-month-old is looking for a full-time housekeeper/nanny generally Monday-Friday to help them and their full-time, live-in nanny to maintain an ongoing semblance of cleanliness and order in their lovely, new home. With two young children, the day starts early (8 am). The successful candidate will do structured housekeeping, daily chores, and duties, but must be open to helping mom with either one of the children at any given time. In this easily accessible Miami Beach location, this second pair of hands would be involved in cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, and whatever is required to keep the home a happy one. Experience in housekeeping and childcare necessary. Salary commensurate with experience.

Executive Housekeeper/Personal Assistant,Voorhees, NJ (FILLED)

This professional couple with grown children and grandchildren are looking to employ an energetic, professional housekeeper Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. These are the general hours, but applicants should be flexible regarding additional hours, which will be compensated. The successful candidate would assist with housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, and personal errands (e.g., banking, dry cleaning, post office, merchandise return). They must have an ability to organize and receive visiting tradesmen and vendors. During May-September, housecleaning duties one or two times per week at the three-story, five-bedroom (4,000 sq ft) home on the shore. Many stairs! Additional projects could include changing closets over from summer/winter, light bookkeeping, scanning documents, emailing, and drop off/pick up at the airport. It’s a busy schedule and appreciative employers. Verifiable references and five years’ similar experience necessary. Salary commensurate with experience.

Chef, Palm Beach, Hamptons (FILLED)

This mature couple is looking for a live-in or -out chef in Palm Beach responsible for five days per week, weekends included, cooking lunch for the couple and their staff, and the couple's dinner. Healthy mediterranean, classic cooking required. Must be available to travel in May and live in with the other staff in the Hamptons for six months. In home chef experience and top references necessary. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

Butler, Palm Beach FL (FILLED)

This busy professional couple is seeking a live-in or live out, full time, year round in Palm Beach Butler/Housemanager. This generally seasonal couple seeks a professional who understands social etiquette and formal service. Serving meals and drinks and participating in proper table setting and entertainment prep are primary responsibilities. Understanding privacy, confidentiality, being invisible and yet available, while performing housekeeping duties and scheduling the other housekeeping staff necessary. Care of fine China, silver, crystal, artwork, antiques, maintenance of automobiles, driving and security of the residence expected. Coordinating service contractors and able to prepare and cook a simple meal when the chef is off duty. A knowledge of technology capabilities including computers, fax/printers, and all media systems and security systems. A problem solver, "very hands on", and ready to pitch in. Summers in Palm Beach, but must be available for the occasional travel to NY to assist in summer parties there. Previous Butler experience necessary. Top salary for excellent references and experience.

Live-in Laundress/Housekeeper, Palm Beach, NY (FILLED)

This full time 9-5 position with Thursdays and Sundays off needs an organized, kind, Housekeeper, responsible for the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, linen closets, and all the laundry in this busy home. A fully equipped laundry room, one must know how to use a Rotary Iron, grade iron, steamer, and have a knowledge of fabric and fine clothing. Overseeing the other housekeepers and cleaning supplies necessary. Top Salary and benefits for serious, experienced professional.

Head Housekeeper/Laundress, Palm Beach Gardens (FILLED)

This full time 9-5 position with Thursdays and Sundays off needs an organized, kind, Housekeeper, responsible for the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, linen closets, and all the laundry in this busy home. A fully equipped laundry room, one must know how to use a Rotary Iron, grade iron, steamer, and have a knowledge of fabric and fine clothing. Overseeing the other housekeepers and cleaning supplies necessary. Top Salary and benefits for serious, experienced professional.

Nanny, North Palm Beach (FILLED)

This active family of four is expecting their third child soon, and is looking for a second nanny to work Sundays 9-6, and evenings during the week 5-9pm pm to help with dinner, baths, bottles, bedtime, kitchen clean up, and end of the day chores. A fun family, year round in Florida, but would be nice to have someone travel on family vacations as well. Extensive nanny experience and references necessary.

Housekeeper, Palm Beach Gardens (FILLED)

This semi-formal 11,000 sq. ft. home is looking for a professional housekeeper, 10am to 6pm, full time, year round, with Thursdays and Sundays off. There are cleaning schedules and detailed handbooks re: proper cleaning products and specific cleaning instructions for special surfaces as well as instructions for the care of specific appliances. Must be detail oriented and conscientious. Excellent long term references and impeccable background will command Top Salary and benefits.

Executive Housekeeper/Cook/Laundress,Jupiter Island (FILLED)

We are interviewing for the third and final member of our established two person staff. This very active family of 6 with grown children, all use their winter home throughout the winter season, October thru May. This year round position would require weekend shifts during the winter season, and Monday through Friday during the summer months. Generally, there would always be Two staff members on duty from working 10 hour shifts from 7am - 11pm, with responsibilities ranging from Breakfast for 8 at 7am. to detailing 7 bedrooms a few times throughout the day. Many days include Lunch and Cooking and helping to serve dinner. Driving the family to and from the airport, as well as to functions as far as Miami would be all part of as typical day in the life, when the family is in residence. We would train the successful candidate to know every aspect of this position. 7 years experience in an Estate home necessary. Salary and Benefits commensurate with previous experience and salary history.

Live-in Nanny, Jupiter (FILLED)

This professional family needs a very versatile nanny; someone with actual live-in nanny references who can mentor their seven-year-old daughter. At 6:30 am, the nanny needs to ready the child for school, cook breakfast, and drive her to school. Child-related cleaning—clothes, toys, bedroom, and kitchen—expected. Must love dogs, have the ability to swim, and possess a current CPR certification. In the afternoon, pick up the child from school, drive her to her activities or appointments, and then help with homework. Knowledge of Spanish preferred in order to help with homework. Prepare simple child’s meal and finish the day with bedtime duties. Extensive travel. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

Houseman/Cook - Live-in, Palm Beach, FL (FILLED)

This mature couple, only here for the season, is looking for a year round, live in Houseman/ Cook to reside and manage their Palm Beach home twelve months a year.  "Butler" would be combining roles of cook, personal assistant, houseman, and driver. Breakfast, occasional lunches, and simple healthy dinners for them when they are not going out is very important. Going to the market and attending to the cleanliness of the kitchen necessary. Driving Mr & Mrs to dinner engagements when they are going out would be required as well. Coordinating with all vendors, as well as assisting the full time housekeeper with general cleaning, wardrobe care, pool care, automotive servicing, and general butler duties round out job requirements. Experience as a Chef/houseman/butler in a private home required. Salary and benefits commensurate with previous experience and salary history.

Executive Housekeeper, Palm Beach (FILLED)

This professional couple is looking for a take-charge executive housekeeper for their newly decorated Palm Beach home. Being the only staff member in the home, the housekeeper’s duties would include meticulous cleaning, attention to details including laundry, and following up with subcontractors. Five years of recent housekeeping experience necessary for this permanent, year-round position. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

Live-in Housekeeper/ Cook,  Palm Bch Gdns (FILLED)  

This mature couple is looking for a live-in Housekeeper/Cook for their 13,000 sq ft  home. This position includes housekeeping, delicate laundry and simple kosher cooking. Although this is a very large home, the upstair bedrooms and baths are not used, except for the occasional guests. This year round position, is basically a five-day work week, Monday thru Friday. Formal, yet a relaxed home they are looking for someone with previous live-in experience. There is a daily routine, and structure, but there is a need for flexability.  Although the schedule is generally Monday thru Friday, when family visits, there may be long weekends or longer days. Accomatitions will be an efficiency apartment over one of the garages. Someone with a CNA certification would also be considered. Salary commensurate with salary history and experience.

Cook/Valet/ Houseman, Palm Bch Gdns (FILLED)

We are looking for an excellent cook/valet for a mature couple, afternoons and evenings, full time, six days /week.   Mr. needs an attendant to help him with his walker, electric wheelchair, and transportation, along with some personal care and bedtime needs. Excellent long-term references necessary.  Loyal, smart, cheerful, upbeat person with excellent communication and driving skills essential. Minimum of three years experience as a cook/companion. Shopping, cooking and serving for 4-6 necessary.  Summer travel necessary.  Salary commensurate with previous employment experience and salary history.

Couple, Boca Raton (FILLED)

Live in. Year-round position with family including two teenagers. Excellent cooking, housekeeping, laundry, ironing, care of the estate, and driving skills. Family here for the season. Accommodation separate quarters on property. Minimum of five years experience as a couple. Salary commensurate with previous employment experience and salary history. Excellent benefits included.

Companion/Cook, Palm Beach (FILLED)

Live in with elderly lady. Six months in Palm Beach, six months travel to the Hamptons. Five-day work week. Sleep in seven nights. Cooking skills important. Kind and sweet character a must. Salary commensurate with salary history and experience.

Engineer/Estate Manager, Bahamas (FILLED)

Year-round live in position for a "hands-on" engineer, able to troubleshoot issues with limited external support. Duties include interfacing withabsentee owners and subcontractors. Must be familiar and have a working knowledge of Reverse Osmosis water generation, Diesel generators, HVAC, Plumbing/pumps, and electrical. Must be able to manage an on-site inventory of parts as well as the responsibility for identifying and making sure key parts are in the inventory. Also responsible for keeping all properties in good, working condition and visually presentable, interior and exterior. Experience working with this equipment essential. Salary commensurate with previous experience and salary history.

Estate Manager/Chef, Palm Beach Gardens (FILLED)

Year-round live in or live out. Duties include interfacing with absentee owners and subcontractors. Chef skills required when the owners are in residence and the chef is off. Care of interior and exterior fixtures, exterior painting, lawn care, pet care, Smart Home electrical maintenance, automotive maintenance and detailing and kitchen appliance maintenance necessary. Experience managing an estate necessary. Cook and coordinate for weekend dinners as well as private parties. Salary commensurate with previous experience and salary history.

Housekeeper/Laundress, Jupiter Island (FILLED)

Three days per week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) for a very active family in residence during October through May. Duties include fine cleaning skills for a four-bedroom home, excellent laundry skills (ironing of mens dress shirts, sheets, tablecloths, napkins, beautiful silk blouses, fine laundry). Minimum experience of five years as a housekeeper/laundress necessary. Salary commensurate with previous employment experience and salary history.